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Protecting Inmates

Concoin is a safe and secure digital token that inmates can use to send, receive, store and trade digital representations of the U.S. dollar.

Once received, Concoins can never be taken or stolen from inmates. Concoin natively offers protection against theft from other inmates, hackers, and even prison administration officials.

Concoin is the solution to an outdated system plagued with theft

How Concoin stacks up

Concoin Kiosk

    The Concoin kiosk provides inmates with a secure way to view balances, transfer tokens to other inmates or send tokens to family members to cash out.

  • Thermal Printer: Inmates can create additional wallets within seconds, print their bar code out, and pass on to others willing to send them tokens.
  • Scanner: To send tokens to an inmate scan the inmate's wallet ID and send your desired coin. It's that simple.
  • Security: Wallets stored on the Concoin Kiosk are protected against theft by other inmates, staff, and online attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concoin?
Concoin is an Ethereum-based stablecoin – a type of digital asset that has an equal 1:1 value with the U.S. dollar. That means holders can redeem one Concoin for one dollar at any time. Every (US&ON) is backed by one dollar that is held in accounts managed by state agencies.
What is the process of signing up on Concoin?
A new user can begin the registration process by filling in personal details on the Concoin sign-up page.
As part of Concoin’s robust security measures, the user must activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their Concoin account. The user must pay a verification fee of $99 (US&ON) (the amount is non-refundable, but can be part of future redemptions).
The user must then undergo a verification process, either as an individual or corporate entity, and submit all required documents.
Concoin’s compliance team will review the user’s verification request. As Concoin’s robust Know Your Customer (KYC) process includes conducting due diligence and risk evaluation on all customers, the review could take days to weeks to complete. The user will be notified once account verification is complete.
Who can inmates send Concoin tokens to?
Inmates can transfer tokens to other inmates, send them to family members, pay for prison commissary items, and approve prison vendors.
Can inmates lose or have their tokens stolen?
No, inmates can only have their tokens stolen if they give someone their account password. Besides that, there is no way another inmate or prison official can take their tokens.
How to send Concoin tokens?
Login to Concoin, fund the account, enter the recipient's (US&ON) address OR scan the recipient's QR code. Enter the amount to send. Once ready to send, click Continue to review transaction details and complete the transaction.